Sindhudurg Fort

What can I expect from Sindhudurg Fort?

Sindhudurg Fort built 355 years ago, Sindhudurg is a Marine fort situated on the shore of Malvan town of Sindhudurg in District of Kokan, Maharashtra. It is among the most significant forts built during the Maratha Dynasty. The fort was built to protect Swarajya (Independent rule) from Mughals, British, Dutch and Portuguese. Surrounded on all sides by Arabic Ocean and jagged rocks protecting the surrounding, This fort was really difficult to conquer. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was not only a great ruler but a great visionary as well. They knew the importance of Marine forts, as they provide essential naval support and work as an impenetrable fortress. They were present at the location during the construction of Sindhudurg. Sindhudurg was designed by Hiroji Indulkar who also built the Raigad. They start the construction of Sindhudurg in 1664 and finished merely 3 years later.

Today, Sindhudurg is one of the most important tourist attraction in Maharashtra. It stands tall as a reminder of Shivaji Maharaj’s greatness and as an architectural marvel. Even though its walls are constantly knocked by Huge waves of Arabic Ocean, It still stands tough with most of the construction still intact. Sindhudurg is protected by Maharashtra tourism authority. It is an ideal tourist destination for history enthusiasts and Cultural tourism. Also, There are numerous beautiful beaches nearby to keep you occupied after visiting this historical monument.

Things to See and Do in Sindhudurg

Stone Water wells
Tehalni Buruj (Vantage point)
Tarkarli Beach
Devbagh Beach
Tsunami Island
scuba diving
Water Sports
Rameshwar Temple, Velgive, Devgad
Redi Ganesh
Tondavali Beach
Tarkarli Beach

“Shivaji Maharaj Temple”

“Scuba Diving near Sindhudurg Fort”

Typical Costs When Travelling


Sindhudurg is approachable by Road and Railway from Mumbai. Nearest Airport to Sindhudurg is Goa. Mumbai to Sindhudurg distance is 541 km by train and 504 km by road. However, it is recommended you should visit Sindhudurg by road so that you can reach early and have lots of time to explore its scenic beauty . Trains available from Mumbai to Sindhudurg are Jan Shatabdi Ex (12051), Pune Ers Sup Exp (22150), Dadar Ten Exp (22629), Mngla Lksdp Exp (12618), Cstm Krmi Spl (01089). The quickest way to reach from Mumbai to Sindhudurg is to take a flight to Goa and then taxi to the fort. It will take around 4h 48m to reach the fort.

For traveling enthusiasts in Pune, Sindhudurg is 366 km away by road and 266km by flight. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains and flights between Pune and Sindhudurg. The cheapest traveling alternative would be to take Pune Ers Sup Exp from Pune to Kankavli then take a taxi from Kankavli to Sindhudurg.


Kokan is world renowned for its delicious variety of seafood. So if you are a seafood lover, you are practically in heaven at Sindhudurg. Although there are many quality restaurants in Sindhudurg. The best and cheapest way to have the best quality seafood as much as you want is to buy it from Malwan Fish Market. Locals will then make Dry/Gravy variant as per your request for around 3.54USD. (0.71 USD. extra with rice and roti). That way, you can have top quality seafood with a special homemade recipe.

Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry, Sindhudurg has an exquisite cuisine for you as well. Try some unique vegetarian cuisine like Khatkhate(Dal variety), Modaks(Indian Momos), and many other vegetarian recipes. You may rest assured that you will get the top quality food in Sindhudurg. Whether Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian.


One of the most well-known delicacies of Konkan is Sol-Kadi. It is a highly nutritional drink made from tangy Kokam and Coconut milk. It is an ideal drink to have after enjoying the delicacies of Sindhudurg until your stomach is full. As it does an excellent job at maintaining the acidity level in your stomach. Also, it is Delicious like anything.


Malvani veg thali

Modak ( Indian-momos-Veg )

Malvani Fish Thali

Kaju Curry (Cashew nut curry )

Money Saving Tips

Travel by Public transportation Traveling by Public transportation makes it so cheap that you end up saving lots of money, Try Shared Auto, ST Buses on the way to commute.
For Sea Food Lovers Buy fishes from Malwan Fish Market and let the locals make it for you.
Book Local Home Stay Select a hotel when you reach Sindhudurg, rather than booking it online. It takes more time but saves money. You can also try staying in local homestay to explore local culture and to connect with local people.
Rent a bicycle/Scooter Rent a bicycle/Scooter for local commute. Plan Your tour early-on and book tickets early.

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