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Tarkarli Malvan

What can I expect from Tarkarli Malvan?


T arkarli is a place which satisfies traveling enthusiasts and adventure junkies alike. Located 8 km (5 miles) south to Malvan, this beach is an ultimate destination for Indian Tourism. Sunday Times, London has ranked Tarkarli as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And when you visit Tarkarli, you’ll know why. At Tarkarli, you can either relax in your hammock gazing at white sand and crystal clear emerald water, listening to the calls of the sea, or you can bring your inner adventure enthusiast out by participating in breathtaking sports like Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, Paragliding and more. Tarkarli is among the rarest spots in India with a vast and active coral ecosystem, unbothered by any human interference. It is also a range of pristine beaches with a vast variety of marine wildlife. So, if you are a nature lover, you should definitely go for scuba diving to gaze upon the wonders of nature.

Still not convinced? Here is a deal maker. Scuba diving at Tarkarli is conducted by some of the best professionals in the business. As Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic sports is located in Tarkarli itself. You can also learn advanced Scuba diving and training if you want. IISDA is the first institute in India which is dedicated to Scuba diving and other aquatic sports. You can also spot Dolphins at specific time periods. And who can forget the amazing Malvan delicacies? One also shouldn’t miss the beautiful sunrise and sunsets at the beach.

Things to See and Do in Tarkarli Malvan

Stone Water wells
Tsunami Island
Crystal Clear beaches with white sand ( Tarkarli Beach )
Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic sports (IISDA)
Karli Backwaters
Dhamapur lake (Perfect for couples)
scuba diving
Water Sports
Rameshwar Temple, Velgive, Devgad
Redi Ganesh
Tondavali Beach
Tarkarli Beach
Malvan Beach

“Sand Beach in Tarkarli”


“Backwater sports near Sunami Island”

Typical Costs When Travelling


Tarkarli to Mumbai distance is 478 km (297 miles) by road. Nearest railway stations to Tarkarli are Kudal(45 km) and Sawantwadi(39 km). If you are traveling with a group of friends, it is recommended to travel by train. Trains from Mumbai to Tarkarli are Mandovi Express and Konkan Kanya Express As it will save you some money and you will arrive at Tarkarli on time. Planning for a road trip instead? Don’t worry, there are lots of buses and rental car services from Mumbai to Kudal. Nearest Airport to Tarkarli is Chipi Sindhudurg Airport(Will soon be operational) and Goa airport.

From Pune, Tarkarli is 388 km (241 miles) away. A road is a more preferable way to travel as there are fewer direct trains. Some of them are 22150 Pune Ers Sup Exp (9hr 13 min) and 22150 Pune Ers Sup Exp (435).

Unwind yourself in nature: Tarkarlis’ scenic beauty, emerald-colored water near white sand, it’s luscious greenery, it’s wildlife is something to behold. Visiting Tarkarli beaches is the best way to get unplugged from your hectic and routine schedule. Just lay back, relax and enjoy its beauty as much as you can. Take a stroll around the beach, feel the waves touching your feet, or just enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Adventure Sport: The best way to enjoy your time at Tarkarli is taking part in multiple adventure sports activities. Especially Scuba Diving, for which Tarkarli is most popular. Scuba Diving activities are conducted by some of the very best professionals, who will be with you at any point. Also, you can enjoy kayaking, paragliding, Jet Skiing, and many more marine sports activities.

Explore the exquisite cuisine of traditional Konkan: You can’t truly enjoy Malvan without tasting some of the best seafood in the world. With Konkans’ traditional spices and methods, the do a miracle in the kitchen. If you are vegetarian, don’t worry, Konkan will never leave you hungry. You can also enjoy delicious vegetarian recipes rich in Kokum and Coconut.


Kokan is world renowned for its delicious variety of seafood. So if you are a seafood lover, you are practically in heaven at Sindhudurg. Although there are many quality restaurants in Sindhudurg. The best and cheapest way to have the best quality seafood as much as you want is to buy it from Malwan Fish Market. Locals will then make Dry/Gravy variant as per your request for around 3.54USD. (0.71 USD. extra with rice and roti). That way, you can have top quality seafood with a special homemade recipe.

Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry, Sindhudurg has an exquisite cuisine for you as well. Try some unique vegetarian cuisine like Khatkhate(Dal variety), Modaks(Indian Momos), and many other vegetarian recipes. You may rest assured that you will get the top quality food in Sindhudurg. Whether Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian.


One of the most well-known delicacies of Konkan is Sol-Kadi. It is a highly nutritional drink made from tangy Kokam and Coconut milk. It is an ideal drink to have after enjoying the delicacies of Sindhudurg until your stomach is full. As it does an excellent job at maintaining the acidity level in your stomach. Also, it is Delicious like anything.


Malvani veg thali

Modak ( Indian-momos-Veg )

Malvani Fish Thali

Kaju Curry (Cashew nut curry )

Money Saving Tips

Travel by Public transportation Traveling by Public transportation makes it so cheap that you end up saving lots of money, Try Shared Auto, ST Buses on the way to commute.
For Sea Food Lovers Buy fishes from Malwan Fish Market and let the locals make it for you.
Book Local Home Stay Select a hotel when you reach Sindhudurg, rather than booking it online. It takes more time but saves money. You can also try staying in local homestay to explore local culture and to connect with local people.
Rent a bicycle/Scooter Rent a bicycle/Scooter for local commute. Plan Your tour early-on and book tickets early.

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