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Unpalnned ट्रिप ची मज्जा काही काय असते या ट्रिप मध्ये समजला, गोवा पर्यंत तिकीट होत पण मालवण पहायचा ठरला मग काय कुडाळ ला उतरलो आणि आणि मालवण गाठल. २ दिवस फक्त फक्त आराम करायचा होता . पण नवीन ठिकाण पाहायचच मानून बाहेर पडलोच, खूप वर्षांनी मित्राला भेटलो. भोगावे मध्ये त्यांनी आपली स्वतःची बोट घेतली. मग त्याने तिसऱ्या पकडायला नेला, जे आम्ही कधीच विसरू शकणार नाही. कर्ली नदीच्या बॅक वॉटर्स मध्ये एकदम मधोमध पाण्यात उतरून सगळे तिसऱ्या शोधायला लागेल. आम्ही विचारही केला नव्हता कि असा काही करायला मिळेल. पण काही क्षण आपल्याला पुरेसे असतात आयुष्य भारतासाठी लक्षात रहायला.

Located in the heart of the Konkan region, Malvan is a charming coastal town in Maharashtra known for its stunning beaches, historic forts, and delicious seafood. If you’re planning a trip to Malvan, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

One of the best ways to experience Malvan is by going on a clams fishing tour. This unique experience allows you to get up close and personal with the local marine life and learn about traditional fishing techniques. You can even cook and eat your catch on the spot for a truly authentic Malvani meal.

Another must-see attraction in Malvan is the Nivati Fort. This historic structure dates back to the 17th century and offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline. You can explore the fort’s ruins and learn about its fascinating history as a military stronghold.

For those looking to explore the unspoiled beauty of the Kokan region, there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. From the tranquil beaches of Devbag and Tarkarli to the rugged terrain of Tsunami Island, there’s no shortage of natural wonders to explore. You can also visit the stunning Nivati Beach.

Malvan, a small town situated in the Sindhudurg district of Kokan, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. From the serene beaches to the delicious seafood, Malvan offers a unique experience that is worth cherishing.

One of the most popular activities in Malvan is clams fishing. The locals take tourists on a traditional boat ride, where they can experience the thrill of catching clams with their bare hands. It is a fun-filled experience that is not to be missed.

If you are planning to explore Kokan, Malvan is the perfect place to start. The town is home to several tourist places like Nivati Fort, which is situated on a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is a great place to witness the breathtaking views of the sunset.

For those looking to explore the unseen side of Kokan, Malvan has a lot to offer. You can take a pre-monsoon trip to explore the lush green forests and waterfalls. You can also visit the Tsunami Island, which is a small island located off the coast of Malvan.

Malvan is also known for its stunning beaches. The Nivati Beach is a secluded beach that is perfect for a peaceful day out. The Golden Sand Beach, as the name suggests, has golden sand and crystal clear water, making it a perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Devbag and Tarkarli are two other beaches that are popular among tourists. Devbag is a small island located at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea, while Tarkarli is a long stretch of beach known for its water sports activities.

In conclusion, Malvan is a great place to explore the beauty of Kokan. From the clams fishing to the stunning beaches, Malvan offers a unique experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, pack your bags and head to Malvan to witness the unseen side of Kokan.

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